Dr. Sean Wilson DDS | Testimonials

My experience with Dr. Sean Wilson and staff was very pleasant and comfortable. Most especially Dr. Sean’s experience, talent, and care are excellent. I have had a lot of dental work in the past by dentists that have a high reputation for doing excellent work, however,I was impressed to find that Dr. Sean’s work is superior to my the work of my previous dentists. One of the things that I like most is how he is very thoughtful about dental work. He truly cares and is willing to be conservative with treatment as oppose to rushing into major treatment if he can avoid it. My appointment for 2 fillings was very comfortable and my appointment started on time and lasted one hour as they estimated.

Karen L. / RateABiz.com

Warm respectful care, excellent insurance negotiation skills keep out of pocket experience to a minimum, very helpful dental work strategy,prioritizing the most urgent work to be done with in my budget.

Nate L. / RateABiz.com

I had a dental emergency. They were able to get me in the same day and did a great job. Thanks Sean and Team.

Mark F. / RateABiz.com

Sean Wilson is probably the best dentist I’ve ever had. I went in for three cavities and a crown. The procedure was painless well done and took less than an hour and a half. He has always maintained this high level of professionalism. He has the best assistants and office staff in Northern California.

Peter M. / RateABiz.com

Dr. Wilson came highly recommended to me as a new resident of Santa Rosa. I understand why. His total office runs like a well oiled machine, and he was personable, very thorough, direct with his recommendations, and confident to do the very best care for my general and dental health. Through my 68 years, I have never been in a dental office that used such state of the art mechanisms and had results immediately. Perhaps if previous dental experiences had been this thorough, I wouldn’t be facing the problems(and expenses) that I now face.

Priscilla R. / RateABiz.com

4.5 stars after my first visit. It’s too new to give a 5. The office has a friendly staff, convenient location, their not pushy with additional services and work, the Dr. takes the time to speak with you and answer questions, and Danielle is my new favorite hygienist.


I had a lot of concerns about replacing a bridge supported by two crowns. In addition I had just gotten over a cold and was worried about breathing during the process. Dr Wilson and his assist were more than accommodating, provided assurances and made the experience quick and bearable. The procedure itself certainly has unpleasant sensations, but I experienced no pain and had no airway issues to worry about. The temporary appliance is so perfect, I really cant even tell anything happened. Thanks a lot!

Jennifer W. / RateABiz.com

Not painful when he puts the needle in the gum! Trustworthy. Dependable.

David Y. / RateABiz.com

Dr. Wilson and his staff are exceptional and provide the best dental experience.

Geoff P. / RateABiz.com

I had the unfortunate experience of developing a horrible toothache over the weekend, and I was really suffering. Dr. Wilson answered my emergency call on Sunday promptly and with care. He called my pharmacy and within an hour I had medications in hand to start me on the road to recovery. I was given an immediate appointment on Monday morning and by noon, I had already had emergency treatment and was well on my way to feeling better!! The office staff was kind and efficient as well. This was the best emergency treatment I have ever had and I am 60 so that says it all!

Sheri V. / RateABiz.com

Always super professional and friendly.

Gillian A. / RateABiz.com

Dr. Wilson has been my dentist for several years. He is perfection at what he does and has a great personality. In the past I have never enjoyed visiting dental offices and I would switch every so often. Dr. Wilson and his staff have been wonderful and I do not hesitate returning for my regular appointments. He also provides great referrals. He devotes his attention to each patient when explaining and/or answering questions. He takes excellent care of his patients. We are fortunate to have Dr. Wilson here in Santa Rosa!

Lucia A. / RateABiz.com

I had a cleaning today and hate that noise of the scraping. There was music to distract me and they gave me a numbing topical ointment to make it more comfortable. It made a world of a difference, I have never felt so comfortable at a dentist.

Taylor C. / RateABiz.com

I have never had such an amazing dental experience!! I had my 6 month old daughter with me because I had nobody to watch her and one of the receptionists actually helped take care of my daughter during my visit. I definitely she feel she went above and beyond to help out. Carolyn helped make me comfortable during the cleaning (which I am not a fan of the poking lol) just an overall amazing experience.

Taylor C. / RateABiz.com

Great teeth service from Dr. Wilson and dental hygienists and office staff very professional. Guess that is why they are #1 in Sonoma County.

Janice M. / RateABiz.com

I receive outstanding service from Dr Wilson and his staff. I have had a number of procedures performed over the years and have always experienced top notch service and professionalism.

Chad J. / RateABiz.com

I had heard great things about Dr Wilson. I wanted to get his opinion regarding a serious dental concern. I was given a convenient appointment, greeted warmly and professionally by his staff, and all of my questions and concerns were thoroughly answered and alleviated by Dr Wilson. His knowledge and skill set are obviously extraordinary. Last but not least, his office was respectful of my time. I highly recommend Dr Sean Wilson!

Daniel B. / RateABiz.com

Dr. Wilson and his entire staff are professional and courteous. As a patient over the years I have experienced the finest care, with state of the art equipment and minimal discomfort. Each treatment is explained in detail, you never feel “rushed”…I am very happy with the crowns and implants done by Dr. Wilson, and routine cleanings are always thorough and expertly done.

Julie T. / RateABiz.com

I used to dread having my teeth cleaned but not any longer. Danielle did a great job cleaning, but also asked questions about my past services and if I had any questions about my next scheduled dental work.

Linda D. / RateABiz.com

Carolyn went out of her way to ensure that my insurance company covered the extra treatment that she recommended. She and Dr. Wilson work very well as a care team. They are experts and very professional.

Vipul S. / RateABiz.com

I have always admired Dr. Wilson’s work. He’s very personable confident and does excellent and quick work. I broke my tooth and Dr. Wilson saw me the next day and fixed it in a short period of time. I felt no pain. He treats you like a good friend.

Peter M. / RateABiz.com

Well now…five stars?? If I could have selected six, I would have. As a long-time professional Chief Concierge, my career dictates that I consistently find the best possible fit between any service and any hotel guest. Finally: I found my OWN perfect fit. I could go on and on and on about the comfort of the office itself, the friendly and gracious professionalism provided by Heather (Reception) and Jessica (Benefits and Insurance, the completely educational and patient conversation with my Dental Hygienist, Carolyn, the polite management style presented by Dr. Wilson himself … I could, but I won’t. Suffice it to say, I found a most-wonderful, accommodating, accepting and truly beneficial dentistry office. After one visit to Dr. Wilson, you won’t be going anywhere else for dental needs. As a comparison, I recently visited the San Francisco office of Dr. Jang and Associates, based purely on his, uh, intriguing ads on cable TV; THAT experience, pun intended, left quite an unpleasant taste in my mouth. I had hoped that Dr. Jang would be the jolly, glassy-eyed doctor that he portrays in his ads. That proved to be anything but the truth. I found this particular office akin to a cattle-run, featuring a somewhat anxious staff presided over by a rather surly Dr. Jang. Dr. Wilson, in contrast, has exhibited nothing but abject politeness and amiability toward everyone in the office – staff members and patients – on a continual basis, and to me as well! To repeat an oft-heard phrase: Dr. Wilson and his staff gave me back my smile, and I mean that most sincerely. Thanks to all at this lucky discovery of mine! I can’t wait to come back, and I look forward to recommending your office to friends and guests in need!

Chris M. / RateABiz.com

I have always appreciated Dr Sean and the time care and diligence he takes to explain and perform the work he does on my teeth. It’s why I shifted to him after having the same dentist for 10 + years. The one dissatisfaction I had before was the billing personnel. That changed for the better with his current person who is knowledgeable proficient and complete in letting you know what’s in store financially. Great improvement

Chris P. / RateABiz.com

Outstanding attention to detail from Hygienist Danielle and Dr. Wilson Best Dentist in Sonoma County.

Christopher R. / RateABiz.com

I had my teeth cleaned today by Carolyn Loher (Registered Dental Hygienist). She explained exactly what she was going to do and why. It was great to know what was going to happen during my visit. The cleaning was very thorough and it was painless without any pain killer at all. Carolyn and the entire staff are true professionals and I would recommend and this practice to anyone requiring dental work.

Mark L. / RateABiz.com

I’ve been going to Dr. Wilson for several years now. He and his staff have always been courteous, professional and kind. There are a lot of dentists and hygienists in this town, but I haven’t met any better than Dr. Wilson and crew.

Treavor B. / RateABiz.com

The staff is very friendly and professional. Dr. Wilson does excellent, quality work and explained everything to my satisfaction, taking time and consideration in my plan for future dental work. One curiosity was that he tilts the chair farther back than I’ve ever had, but I’m sure he would’ve adjusted it if I’d asked. And maybe it assists in his work to have that angle.

Jane K. / RateABiz.com

Very high standard of aesthetic professional dental care! I loved that Dr. Sean Wilson was enthused and excited about the outcome! Gentle, timely, clean, superb!

Catherine D. / RateABiz.com

Carolyn, as always provides the best hygiene care!!! She is s very good source of information. Very pleasant Very through. Thank you Beverly Diane Taha

Diane T. / RateABiz.com

Always a pleasant experience and the staff are all very friendly and helpful. Had my teeth cleaned and x-rayed and was done in a timely manner. Also received some very sound advice to help me with taking care of my teeth at home between appointments. Would highly recommend Dr. Wilson and his staff.

Keith F. / RateABiz.com

Top-notch service from the moment you walk in the door. Staff remember your name and consistently provide personal service at the highest technical level. I have been going to this office for the last 15 years, and have never been disappointed. The restorative work that this office did for me was the best investment I’ve ever made. Dr. Wilson and his staff take the extra time with their patients to carefully explain every procedure and patiently answer all of my questions. Danielle is a meticulous hygienist who is fluent with the ins and outs of my insurance coverage so I feel like I get the most out of my employer’s health plan.I really appreciate that I never feel rushed through any phase of my visits. The icing on the cake for me is the ease and accuracy of the invoicing. I heartily recommend this office for any dental service ranging from high-end restorative work down to the routine ‘barnacle scrapings’.

Rod H. / RateABiz.com

Dr. Wilson explained in detail and made me feel at ease.

Patricia C. / RateABiz.com

Dr. Wilson DDS has the most outstanding staff! The hygienist Danielle did an excellent job today. Absolutely zero pain. I give this office the highest marks and would recommend them without hesitation.

S.W. / RateABiz.com

My experience today was excellent. The staff is courteous and efficient. Genuine care and good advice is given on dental health.

Jacinda D. / RateABiz.com

Danielle is a wonderful Hygienist. I look forward to continual services from Dr. Sean’s team.

Esther G. / RateABiz.com

Dr. Wilson and staff are top notch in everything they do, with a great human touch!

Steve G. / RateABiz.com

Dr. Wilson and hygienist team are amazing. They always strive to make the treatments pleasant and they are friendly & professional and they remember little details about ME, which makes it personal too. Great dentist in my book!

Vikki B. / RateABiz.com

I appreciated the short wait time when I arrived and how quickly I was moved from one step of the process to the next(replacement of two crowns).

Linda D. / RateABiz.com

I would give my appointment this morning a very high rating. Met me with a personal greeting and I felt like I was expected and you were pleased that I was there. The gal doing my cleaning was delightful and gave me a thorough a good cleaning, followed by information about the condition of my teeth. The gal who gave me the bill was pleasant – always important when giving anyone a price tag for work. It was a good rating – keep up the good work.

Sally R. / RateABiz.com

Dr Sean and staff what I want in a Dentist office Quality people not trying to sell me unneeded work and professional in their approach.

Jeffrey N. / RateABiz.com

This morning one of my front teeth cracked when I bit down on a fork. I immediately called my dentist’s office and was unable to reach a live person. I was nervous and unsure of the state of my tooth, so I drove to the office instead. The front office staff were away from the front desk watching a training video which the receptionist explained to me at the time, however, I was rather freaked out by my possibly broken tooth and let her know that it was disconcerting to not be able to talk with someone directly. What I felt I needed at that moment was empathy, but instead was given a reason and explanation that “I would have been called back in 15 minutes” and “the office had only been open for 30 minutes.” This left me feeling somewhat strange and unhappy and I was intending to say something to my dentist when I saw him that afternoon. My visit, on the other hand, was handled with warmth and professionalism and I decided to not make a point of saying anything, but interestingly, the survey came up, so I decided to tell all here. Thank you for the opportunity to share it. The bottom line is I really like Dr. Sean Wilson and his staff very much and would definitely highly recommend them. It would be good though for staff to be aware of recognizing (especially in an emergency situation) that being empathetic rather than defensive would be more helpful and appreciated by their patients.

Diana S. / RateABiz.com